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Hello Everyone and welcome to the DW ci5_boxoftricks comm!

This comm is a passive backup of the active LJ ci5_boxoftricks comm which is used for the Pros Big Bang Fanfiction Challenge. All active posts for the Pros Big Bang should therefore continue to be made on LJ.
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Yes, almost unbelievably, another week has passed and it's time for the Pros BB Check-in again. Is it me, or are the weeks just hurtling by?
If that thought fills you with dread, don't panic! There are still a lot of weeks to go before you need to turn anything in, and we're here to help if you need assistance with anything. :-)
Soooooooo, how's it going for you? Do let us know!
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Ooh, look, it's a check-in post. Time marches on into April (see what I did there, yes?). How is your writing going? Whether cheers or commiserations are in order, let us know here. :-)
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So, then, BB-ers: it's the end of March. How goes it?

Has Bodie had a chance to show himself as talk, dark, and engagingly modest?

Has Doyle gotten his expense chits reimbursed yet?

Has Cowley castigated the two of them for wasting good scotch?

Or are you letting the creative juices bubble a bit? :D

Inquiring minds want to know!
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Hello intrepid Pros BB writers! *waves excitedly at the intrepid Pros BB writers*

It's check-in time again, so how's it going? Are you making admirable progress with your story, or are you marooned on Procrastination Patio, jet-washing flagstones, re-arranging garden furniture, and wondering if you've got time to finish knitting that yurt before you sit down to write...?

Do let us know! We're here to help, sympathise, hector, and support. So please share your triumphs, terrors, frustrations, and jubilations with us! :-)
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108.5 days until July 1 - rough draft due day. Everybody on track? Anyone all done? If you're like me, you are needing a push or a shove or maybe even a boot in the bum inspiration. Well then, follow the link!

Inspiration for those critical scenes )
Feeling inspired? Then start writing! *g*

[thanks to ali15son and loxley for not minding [I hope!] the use of some of their screen caps and manips]
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Well, we have our usual and unusual suspects on our brand spanking new writers list. How's it going? Planning, writing, throwing a wobbly? Let us know. :-)
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Well it is the 3rd of March here at ci5_boxoftricks
and that means that the sign ups for writers have now closed!

Which in turn means we are now able to introduce you all to the 21 fabulous writers who have signed up for the 2017 Pros Big Bang!. So here we go, in alphabetical order:

  • Agent_Talis

  • Airelle1

  • banbury

  • ci5mates

  • Dawnwind

  • Fiorenza_a

  • golden bastet

  • jojo

  • krisser

  • lbc

  • LilyK

  • mab

  • margaret_r/moth2fic

  • merentha13

  • murphybabe

  • PFL

  • P.R. Zed

  • snailbones

  • Snow White

  • spaceknight

  • unbelievable2

Massive thanks to all the writers who have signed up, we know this is going to be another really fantastic year.

The next big deadline for writers will be July 1st, when the rough draft (5,000 words minimum) and outline will be due, and more information about this will follow as we get closer to the date.

In the meantime, stay tuned for weekly check in posts for the chance to chat, see how things are going and plan that escape to an exotic island when the muses are refusing to co-operate :D.
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Hi, Pros-y people. If you're thinking about signing up for this year's Box of Tricks you need to make a decision. Sign-ups close on 1 March 2017. If you want to sign up please rev up your Capri, or browser, and head to this post here:


If you'd like to be a beta or cheerleader, those options will still remain open. :-)
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Hello intrepid BB-ers!

Check-in time again, dear hearts, so how's it going? Are you still at the sharpening-pencils stage, or have you progressed to re-arranging-everything-on-your-desk-for-ease-of-access? Have you romped ahead and already made your font selection (and a list of Useful-Names-For-Original-Characters, just on the off-chance) or are you already *does excited mod dance* well into the writing? Do please let us know, because we'd love to hear from you!

If you've not signed up for the BB yet, there's still time, so if you want to be a writer, a beta, or a cheerleader, we'd love to have you join in! (Artists and vidders, please don't feel neglected - we'll be getting to you soon. :-)

And if anyone is still stuck for a plot - feel free to seek inspiration from the ideas post (or the picture above :-)
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Hello BBer’s old and new and welcome to 2017!
We all know that a new year only really starts once the Box of Tricks Big Bang kicks off so now it has, a very happy new year to you all!
Please feel free to keep us updated on all your writing trials and tribulations, whether you need a shoulder to cry or a collective cheer of celebration, here is the place to find it.
Thank you all for your participation. Our beloved lads are still going strong after all these years and it’s all down to YOU!
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Here's the post for anyone not able to sign up for the 2017 Pros BB challenge as a writer, artist, or beta, but who still wants to participate.

We’d love to have you as a cheerleader!

In fact, even if you are signing up as a writer, artist, or vidder, we'd still love to have you as a cheerleader! :-)

A cheerleader is someone who participants can bounce ideas off. Someone who can pre-read a partial draft and give a sense of whether it's working. Someone who can break out the pom poms and, well, cheer a writer on to the finish. It's an important job; writers, artists and vidders need all the encouragement they can get, and those pom poms aren’t going to shake themselves! So join the lovely lads above and get shaking! (Leg warmers and leotards optional.)

If you'd like to be cheerleader, just pop your name in a comment below, to let people know they can call on you for encouragement if needed. You can also pop into the weekly check-in posts (starting shortly) at anytime to offer encouragement, a shoulder to lean [or cry] on, or just to shake those pom poms like the fabulous cheerleader you are!

Get practicing those jumps, and GO PROS!
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Here's your opportunity to sign up to offer your services as an editor/beta.

If you haven't done this before, here is how it works: you sign up below to volunteer and if someone needs you to read their story, they ask you to help. You and your writer set your parameters, such as read for plot only, or read for grammar, punctuation, or whatever you both feel comfortable with. Beta readers and editors are important to most writers so that they can present a clean and polished final version of their story.

If you are a writer who already has a beta and/or editor, they don't have to sign up. This is only for folks who want to volunteer to help writers who possibly don't have anybody to help them out.
Thanks a million!

User name/Pseud:
IM (optional):
What pairings/genres do you enjoy/are you willing to read:
What are your strengths as a beta reader?:
What kind of turn-around time can someone expect from you?:
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Yes, it really is that time already! So, dear Pros fans, 'fess up and tell us all about the things you want to be reading in the 2017 Pros Big Bang.
We won't judge, so don't be shy!


• If you have a story prompt you’re dying to share, now's the time to air it. You can give as much, or as little, detail as you like, and all genres and pairings are welcome. It could be something simple, like:

Marty fancied Ray. Ray fancied Bodie. Bodie fancied fish and chips. It was going to be a long Friday.

Or something more complicated, like:

Marty fancied Ray. Ray fancied Bodie. Bodie fancied fish and chips. So how had they ended up manacled together in a warehouse in Wapping and staring at a bomb? It was going to be a long Friday.

Or even a little bit of a story, like:

Shrugging into his jacket, Doyle turned for the door, only to find his path blocked by his partner. He'd under-estimated how fast Bodie could move. People often did - under-estimated how silently and quickly he could move for a big bloke. Mis-spent youth, that, Doyle thought, and almost laughed at the irony. While Bodie had been fighting for his life as a mercenary in Africa, he'd been turning tricks for punters on behalf of the Derbyshire constabulary.
The memory sickened him.
'Ray, let's talk about this.'
Doyle hit him.
'Let's not.' People often under-estimated him too.
It was going to be a long Friday.

General thoughts/ideas/wishes/cravings:

• Maybe you don't have a story prompt. Maybe you just have a thought, wish, or craving you'd like to share, in which case, please post that as a comment. We'd love to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see immortalised in Pros BB fic, vid and art this year! And you never know, you might just inspire one of our BB writers!

BB writers, feel free to take inspiration from any of the suggestions in the comments. If any particular idea takes your fancy, grab it and run!
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Professionals Big Bang WRITERS' Sign Up Post 2017

Challenge Rules for Writers

1. The central story element must focus on characters from The Professionals.
2. Stories must have a minimum length of 10,000 words. There is no maximum length.
3. Stories may be slash, gen, femslash, or het.
4. Any pairing is allowed, as is any rating.
5. AUs, Fusions and Crossovers are permitted but as it says in rule #1, the central story element must focus on characters from The Professionals.
6. You may write a story that is a prequel, sequel or companion story to a pre-existing story or stories you’ve written. However, the story/stories referred to must be available to read online and you will need to link to them when you post your story.
7. You are welcome to complete a WIP to meet the challenge as long as it has not been previously posted anywhere public.
8. Collaborations between writers are also allowed. Just let us know when you sign up if you are planning on writing with a partner.
9. Stories will be posted on an assigned date in October.
10. On your assigned date, you will make a master post for your story at this comm. The story itself may be posted to, and linked from, your personal LJ, Dreamwidth, AO3, The Automated Hatstand, etc.
11. We actively encourage adding stories to the Box of Tricks archive on AO3 to facilitate easy story downloads (we have membership codes available), but this is not required.
12. Please do not post your story anywhere prior to your assigned date and do not cross-post your story to any other community before the end of October.
13. We will create a master list of links and summaries at the community.
14. If you feel you have the energy and willpower to write a story and create artwork for someone else’s story, then please feel free to sign up as both an artist and as a writer.

Important Dates

Please sign-up to participate by March 1.

Your rough draft, full outline and story summary should be turned in by July 1. While we fully realize that a lot of us write right down to the wire and will continue to work on our stories until the September 23 deadline, Big Bangs are collaborative and our artists need this information to begin their work in turn.

On July 9, your summary will be posted anonymously for a participating artist to claim as a prompt. An artist will create, at the very least, one piece of art (title banner, illustration, manip, etc.) to accompany your story or a vidder may create a trailer for your story.

Your final draft should be completed by September 23.

Our posting schedule will begin in October.

To sign up

Please comment below with:
• Author name
• LJ username (if applicable)
• Email address

If you would prefer not to put your email address in the comment then please email us at prosbigbangtwo@gmail.com.

All that remains for right now is: Thanks for participating… and GO PROS!
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Pros Big Bang signups opening soon! Yeah!!!

This is your reminder that author signups for the Eight annual Professionals Big Bang opens on Wednesday, February 1! Just about a week away! Are you ready?

While you wait for the signup post, you can read (or reread)
Last year, participants produced 11 stories, for a total of 342,081 words of fiction, with accompanying art! Link to Fic: 2016 Big Bang entries.

You can also check out the prior years:

Link to Fic: 2015 Big Bang entries
(18 stories, for a total of 536,800)

Link to Fic: 2014 Big Bang entries.
(16 stories, for a total of 492,416 words)

Link to Fic: 2013 Big Bang entries
(11 stories, 435,414 words),

Link to Fic: 2012 stories
(19 stories, 678,220 words),

Link to Fic: the 2011 stories
(16 stories, 585,646 words),

Link to Fic: and the 2010 stories
(23 stories, 695,123 words)!

That means that in the past seven years the participants in the Big Bang (that's you!) have written (and illustrated) 114 stories with a total word count of 3,765,700 words! Will we make it to 150 stories? Will we make it to four million words? If you sign up, you can make this happen!
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We're Back!!!!! And just in time for . . .

The Eighth Annual Pros Big Bang Challenge

For those of you who haven’t seen a Big Bang Challenge before, it’s a collaborative effort between writers and artists. Writers sign up to write a story with a minimum word count. Later in the process, artists claim a story based on an anonymous story summary and produce at least one piece of art to go with it. The art can be an illustration, a manip, or even a vid.

Over the last five years we had set the minimum word count at 15,000, but this year we have decided to lower the word count to 10,000 in hope that will encourage more writers to dip their toes into the welcoming water. But please remember 10,000 is the minimum word count and if you would like to write 30,000, 50,000 or even 100,000 we will cheer you on all the way.

This is the time to think about that fic you started but RL got in the way, or the fic that just needs to be polished . . . or you just found languishing on a floppy disk. Hear the rally cry to join us!!!

And now for the schedule.............

Writer sign ups will start on the 1st February and run until the 1st March.
Artist sign ups will start on the 1st May and run until the 31st May.
Rough drafts are due at the start of July and the artists claims day will happen just after that.
Final stories and art are due in late September and posting begins in October.

And you can find the more detailed schedule on the ci5_boxoftricks profile page and on the left hand side of the main comm page.

Of course even if you don't plan on signing up, please do feel free to join the community. You can help by cheerleading, volunteering to beta, providing prompts, and generally joining in the festivities.

So fire up your word processor, sharpen your pencils, fine tune your Photoshop skills, gear up your vidding software and get ready for the 2017 Box of Tricks!
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Hi everyone, here is the Master list for the 2016 Professionals Big Bang, and in order to make to it easier for you to read, view and revisit all the fabulous work created this year, under the cut you will find a master list of all the entries for the 2016 Professionals Big Bang.

The list includes links which will take you to the main posts for the stories, art and vids. At the main posts you will find the full details and links to the stories and art/vids themselves.

Below the list we copied some basic information from the headers, organised it by story title, and posted the direct links to stories, art and vids.

Lastly here is a link to the AO3 collections page.


Master List of the 2016 stories )


Nov. 2nd, 2016 12:10 pm
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The 7th annual Professionals Big Bang is sadly over, and we'd like to thank you all for making it such a success! Whether you wrote a story, made artwork, served as a beta or cheerleader, or just read and enjoyed, thank you so much for participating. Such a wealth of exciting new fiction and art to read and enjoy!

Here’s to next year and thanks each and every one of you for making this challenge so enjoyable.

With best wishes, your mod team.
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Title: Echoes From The Past
Author: Marjoram Max
Artist: Fairey Fox
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes
Genre: GEN
Characters/Pairing: Bodie, Doyle
Word count: 24,333
Warnings: None

Marty Martell and Bodie weren’t exactly friends – in the intelligence game friends were a luxury most couldn’t afford – but they went back a long way together. So when Marty was murdered, it felt personal.

Doyle’s convinced that the stockpile of weapons found near Marty’s body holds the key to his murder.

The circumstances surrounding Marty’s killing, however, lead Bodie to a completely different conclusion, one that involves a family tragedy over 100 years before.

Now all Bodie has to do is convince his partner that things really do go bump in the night!

My sincerest thanks go to:

[livejournal.com profile] anna060957 for another excellent last minute beta job
Fairey Fox for the brilliant, atmospheric artwork which suits the story so well

Link to Fic: Echoes From The Past (apologies for any issues with the formatting - AO3 kept messing it up)
Link to Art: Art Master Post


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Box of Tricks

2017 schedule

February 1: Writer sign ups begin
March 1: Writer sign ups close
May 1: Artist sign ups begin
May 31: Artist sign ups close
July 1: Writers’ rough drafts (6,600 words minimum)/full outlines due. Story summaries also due
July 9: Artist Claims Day. Artists will claim stories based on anonymous story summaries, first come, first served
September 23: Final stories (10,000 words minimum) and artwork/vids due
October: Posting begins

Many thanks to the one and only norfolkdumpling for creating our banner, icons and comm layout.

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